Wake Up to What Matters: A Guide to Tibetan Buddhism for the Next Generation

Avikrita Vajra Sakya. Shambhala, $16.95 trade paper (144p) ISBN 978-1-61180-660-1
Buddhist monk Sakya explores Mahayana Buddhism, “the altruistic system of Buddhism for attaining full awakening to benefit all sentient beings,” in his welcoming and lucid debut. Rather than “a totally secular and materialist or psychotherapeutic approach” to the ancient teachings, Sakya instructs 21st-century Buddhists on fundamental principles, such as the Triple Gem: “the Buddha who shows us the path; the verbalized and realized Dharma, which is the path; and the Sangha, especially the companionship of aryan [noble] bodhisattvas, who assist us on the path.” Rather than the traditional eightfold path, Sakya explains the five progressive paths of bodhisattvas in the Mahayanistic tradition, as well as the nature of bodhi (enlightenment), the conditions that strengthen and impede bodhichitta (“the altruistic determination for full awakening”), and the six transcendent perfections, or the paramitas. Sakya particularly shines in the chapters which explore the power of compassion and the “inner demons” of bodhisattvas (such as misknowing, anger, pride, and doubt). This thorough yet approachable treatise on Mahayana Buddhism will be invaluable reading for newcomers to the religion. (Dec.)
Reviewed on : 11/04/2019
Release date: 12/03/2019
Genre: Religion
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