cover image Fatal Impressions: Coleman and Dinah Greene Mystery No. 2

Fatal Impressions: Coleman and Dinah Greene Mystery No. 2

Reba White Williams. Story Plant (, $13.95 trade paper (300p) ISBN 978-1-61188-131-8

Fans of Williams's first Coleman and Dinah Green mystery, Restrike (2013), are sure to enjoy this sequel. At age 33, Coleman has a lot to celebrate. In the five years she has owned ArtSmart, she has turned it into "the most successful art magazine in New York." Now, with her acquisition of First Home, she's on her way to realizing her dream of having a whole family of magazines. Meanwhile, cousin Dinah, owner of the Greene Gallery, has won a big contract to provide art for the Manhattan office of a prestigious management consultants firm, Davidson, Douglas, Danbury & Weeks. The project for DDD&W takes a sinister turn after some valuable artworks go missing. The murder of two DDD&W employees raises the stakes. A past president of the New York City Art Commission with more than 30 years' experience in business and finance, Williams has already won accolades from such notable authors as Steve Berry, Julia Spencer-Fleming, and Thomas H. Cook. This entry is bound to bring her more of the same. (Apr.)