cover image Technomancer


B.V. Larson. Amazon/47North, $14.95 trade paper (374p) ISBN 978-1-612-18740-2

Larson’s supernatural detective series launch is a confusing whirlwind centered around a gumshoe whose deductions conveniently drive the plot. Though Quentin Draith has amnesia, he somehow knows that the people keeping him in the hospital have nefarious plans for him. Things take an odder turn when the head of the hospital commands Quentin to investigate events in the mysterious “Community” as well as the strange death of his friend Tony, and ends the conversation by teleporting Quentin out of her office. Encounters with killer lava monsters and spinning interdimensional vortexes lead Quentin to suddenly conclude that he is “at the center of a struggle” between powerful supernatural figures. With a corrupt cop and a local coven leader as enemies turned temporary allies, the murder investigation incoherently morphs into a quest to stop the sharklike Gray Men from crossing over into Quentin’s world. Even die-hard paranormal mystery fans will be left cold. (Aug.)