cover image It Could Be Anyone

It Could Be Anyone

Jaime Lynn Hendricks. Scarlet, $25.95 (312p) ISBN 978-1-61316-299-6

After groom Trevor Vaughn hits the dance floor—literally—at his Miami destination nuptials following an apparent allergic reaction, the question quickly becomes less who might want the politically ambitious security consultant dead than who doesn’t—as flagged by the title of this fizzy domestic thriller from Hendricks (Finding Tessa). Tellingly, while most members of the wedding party flock to console the distraught bride, Fiona, a kindergarten teacher and U.S. senator’s niece, no one seems terribly broken up about the death of outsider Trevor. But they are concerned about the unfolding police probe, as all harbor secrets they’d do almost anything to hide—and with which Trevor blackmailed them into persuading Fiona to marry him. Hendricks maximizes the suspense of her Clue-style premise, smoothly manipulating and misdirecting readers as she gradually bares the soap opera–worthy skeletons in her characters’ designer closets. Those who want the voyeuristic fun of crashing an over-the-top wedding—without any of the hangover—will be rewarded. (May)