cover image The Last Unicorn: The Lost Journey

The Last Unicorn: The Lost Journey

Peter S. Beagle. Tachyon, $21.95 (170p) ISBN 978-1-61696-308-8

Playing on fans’ nostalgia for his widely beloved 1968 novel The Last Unicorn, in which a unicorn tries to find out whether she is the only one of her kind, Beagle dredges up the original version of the story, incomplete but still iconic. Having never left her forest, the unicorn is surprised when a saddened dragon comes and tells her tales of black roads, fast coaches, and no unicorn sightings anywhere. After deciding to strike out on her own, she comes across a demon named Azazel with a second head named Webster. Kicked out of Hell, which has been redesigned without fires to attract more humans, the heads constantly bicker with each other yet become close with the unicorn. With her unlikely companion(s), the unicorn travels through the 1960s, shocked to find what humans have become. Although this book is not the complete story of the travels of the unicorn and her friends, fans of the original will love encountering additional characters they never had the pleasure of meeting when they first experienced the unicorn’s journey. (Nov.)