cover image Line and Orbit

Line and Orbit

Sunny Moraine and Lisa Soem. Samhain, $6.50 e-book (403p) ISBN 978-1-61921-219-0

Moraine (In the Pale Moonlight) and debut author Soem collaborate on a deliciously fulfilling gay sci-fi romance. Adam Yuga is on the fast track to the upper echelon of the Terran Protectorate, the dominant force in the galaxy. Members of the Protectorate have been genetically engineered and carefully bred for generations, so when testing reveals Adam has a genetic flaw, he becomes persona non grata. Adam’s downward spiral throws him in the path of Lochlan d’Bideshi, whose nomadic people believe in magic and nature and directly oppose the Protectorate’s cold science. As the mystery of the Protectorate’s obsession with Adam deepens and the two societies head inexorably toward a crisis, Adam and Lochlan’s uneasy truce develops into love worth dying for. Readers will fall for the engaging dialogue, wonderfully fleshed-out characters, a sexy and realistic romance, fully realized world-building, and a genuinely interesting science fictional core issue to work through. This phenomenal novel marks Moraine and Soem as authors to watch. (Feb.)