cover image Wolf Land

Wolf Land

Jonathan Janz. Samhain, $17.99 trade paper (250p) ISBN 978-1-61923-127-6

A 10-year high school reunion is the catalyst for lots of furry, toothy scares in this gruesome yet entertaining gorefest. After a group of old friends is attacked by a werewolf, it’s up to Savannah Summers and Duane McKidd, the only two who weren’t bitten or slashed by the slavering menace, to save the rest of Lakeview from becoming dinner for the marauding, vicious creatures. Meanwhile, all of their friends are undergoing supernatural transformations that reveal their true selves. Some cling to their humanity, some embrace the darkness, and one seeks vengeance, but all are changed forever. There are guts and blood aplenty, but Janz (The Nightmare Girl) gives this chiller depth with his explorations of the human psyche, and some humor provides balance. Those with weak stomachs need not apply, and the abuse that one character suffers at the hands of her family is particularly horrific, but those who make it through are in for an impressive and bloody climax. (Nov.)