cover image Chemistry: Investigate the Matter That Makes Up Your World

Chemistry: Investigate the Matter That Makes Up Your World

Carla Mooney, illus. by Samuel Carbaugh. Nomad (Legato, dist.), $17.95 (128p) ISBN 978-1-61930-365-2

A timeline that stretches from the speculated existence of atoms by the Greek philosopher Democritus to the 2010 discovery of the element ununseptium greets readers at the beginning of this addition to the Inquire and Investigate series. Mooney offers a thorough overview of what chemistry is and why it matters, in chapters exploring atoms, states of matter, compounds, chemical reactions, and more. Sidebars define terms and explain concepts like density and scientific notation; reader-directed questions and QR codes that link to online resources provide opportunities for outside discussions and investigation. Comics sequences featuring an adult scientist and three students offer breaks from the extensive information provided, while the dozen or so experiments let readers learn about condensation, test for acidic and basic properties, and create a battery from a lemon. Ages 12–15. (May)