cover image Flesh & Wires

Flesh & Wires

Jackie Hatton. Aqueduct (, $19 trade paper (328p) ISBN 978-1-6

Hatton’s debut is, at its core, about the fragile relationships between women and men. It centers on a group of women in New England whose lives have been altered by a destructive alien invasion. The collective has repelled many invaders, but the latest, the humanoid male Orbiters, are something of a curiosity to the women as well as a threat. In addition, resident Lo is stunned when her brother, who went missing after the invasion, returns to Earth as part of the Orbiter crew. Hatton creates an unusual, almost entirely Sapphic culture, and the futuristic technologies she introduces are inventive and terrifying. Her prose style captures the peculiarities of this altered world with broad brushstrokes. But at times, the plot’s momentum slows, and Hatton struggles to keep up suspense. In spite of its hesitant pace, this is a promising work of feminist science fiction. (Nov.)