Seven Weeks to Forever

Jennifer Farwell. Booktrope, $2.99 e-book (189p) ISBN 978-1-62015-660-5
When one only has seven weeks left to live—and quite a bit to accomplish in that time—certain things, like love, tend to take on new meaning. In Farwell’s (Rock Star’s Girl) supernatural romance, Cassidy Jordan is what’s known as a “second-timer,” sent back to Earth from the Life-After to complete one final task that will allow her to move on. There’s one small problem: her advisor, Noah, never tells her what the assignment is, and only gives her the name Riley Davis. Once Cassidy finds Riley, she has only a short time to figure out her task—and how not to fall in love with him. What follows is an intimate exploration of making difficult choices when none of the options is good. Candid first-person narration helps draw readers into Cassidy’s mind, inviting them along on her journey of discovery—both of herself and of what it means to be in love. Lovely imagery and mostly realistic situations are just enough to overcome the repetitious nature of Cassidy’s mental landscape and the slightly convoluted energy-based setup of Farwell’s imagined afterlife. Ages 12–up. (BookLife)
Reviewed on: 01/04/2016
Genre: Children's
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