cover image Transcending: Trans Buddhist Voices

Transcending: Trans Buddhist Voices

Edited by Kevin Manders and Elizabeth Marston. North Atlantic, $16.95 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-1-62317-415-6

The healing power of compassion and community is exemplified in this frank, uplifting collection of opinions, reflections, and poetry by transgender, genderqueer, and nonbinary Buddhists. In a world of violence and intolerance, mental health worker Manders and political philosopher Marston write in their introduction, non–cis gender Buddhists have found courage to overcome tragedy and spiritual doubt by sharing their stories. Sebastien De Line listens to Tibetan Buddhist mantras and chakra meditations to dispel anger and fear and gain self-assurance in “The Bardo.” Chance Krempasky writes of embracing dharma and mindfulness to recover from drug abuse and to express a trans identity in “Growing to Know.” Kathleen P. Lamothe’s superb entry “The Prodigal Daughter Returns” recounts her suicidal thoughts, recovery from addiction, and dharma practice of vipassana in the morning and karuna in the evening to find refuge and re-inhabitation of her body (which took the form of asking her body questions to feel fully comfortable with herself again). Exhibiting inspiration and solidarity, these journallike essays from non-cis Buddhists will be particularly eye-opening to readers new to Buddhism who are interested in the diversity of contemporary Buddhist practice. (Nov.)