cover image Night Owl Night

Night Owl Night

Susan Edwards Richmond, illus. by Maribel Lechuga. Charlesbridge, $17.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-62354-251-1

Sova’s Mama, a bird scientist, studies migrating saw-whet owls, and Sova pleads to accompany her on October nights. “Soon, my great horned owl. Soon,” Mama promises. Digital art by Lechuga makes Sova’s enthusiasm clear; the narrating child is dressed in an owl costume. At last, Mama says yes. Equipped with headlamps, they check a mist net for owls, but see none. “To be a scientist, you must learn to wait,” Mama repeats, setting Sova—and readers—up for a slow reward. The two, both portrayed with brown skin, check again and again, at last spotting an owl, and Edwards Richmond describes them examining the small creature, detailing its height and weight, and establishing its age before they band it and send it on its way. An exciting, documentary-style account that portrays a researcher as both parent and professional, this is a fine experiential telling. Back matter concludes. Ages 4–8. (Aug.)