cover image Never Enough

Never Enough

Robyn Nyx. Bold Strokes, $16.95 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-62639-629-6

Nyx's debut is a grim but entertaining thriller that makes up for some truly grisly moments of violence with two well-realized heroines. Elodie Fontaine is considered the sexist movie star in the world; she's also a prominently out lesbian and a former Marine. After she gives an interview with Pulitzer-winning journalist Madison Ford about her interest in stopping human trafficking, the two women start to fall for each other. The initial hurdles%E2%80%94Elodie's promiscuity and Madison's emotional unavailability%E2%80%94are minor compared to the eventual threat from Therese, a crime boss who runs a huge illegal organ transplant ring and fears Madison will expose her operations. Multiple acts of torture and murder take Therese's scenes into gruesome territory, and there are frequent, graphic descriptions of past incidents of abuse. But readers who can handle the gory content will find it well balanced by plenty of romance and copious amounts of sex, as well as a solid cast of supporting characters and some insightful handling of contemporary social issues. (Nov.)