cover image Lead Me Not

Lead Me Not

Ann Gallagher. Riptide (, $7.99 e-book (415p) ISBN 978-1-62649-277-6

Gallagher is the pen name used by multi-genre novelist Lori A. Witt to distinguish her sweet romance and YA titles. This winsome romance is based on a mildly improbably premise: Conservative homophobic Christian preacher Isaac Morris is drawn by his twin sister into making a documentary film in which Isaac immerses himself in the gay subculture, thereby demonstrating that homosexuality is a choice. Isaac hopes the film will particularly benefit his teen nephew, Griffin, who appears to be gay. When Isaac's visit to a gay bar ends in a beating, he is rescued by bartender Colton, who wears a cross around his neck. Their developing relationship brings revelations for both men. Gallagher's idea of sweet gets syrupy at times: uber-gentle Colton works with LGBTQ youth at a church headed by an enlightened pastor who reflects the changing times, and even the cop who responds to trouble at the bar is sympathetic. This chaste story will appeal to readers looking for true reconciliation between religion and sexuality. (Aug.)