cover image The Glamour Thieves

The Glamour Thieves

Donald Allmon. Riptide, $16.99 trade paper (177p) ISBN 978-1-62649-616-3

A cyberpunk sensibility, intense action, and flagrant sensuality make a potent mix in Allmon’s swoonworthy debut erotic romance, with sexual encounters that echo the heat of its fantastical near-future Arizona setting. JT is an orc with a serious love for fast cars and cutting-edge technology. He’s usually quite happy to ignore other people and spend time with his toys. Then Austin, a magic-using elf, sweeps back into his life with the force of a hurricane. Suddenly JT’s checkered past comes back to hit him where it hurts the most—in the heart. JT and Austin were first brought together by their affection for Austin’s sister, Roan, a hacker who mixed magic with technology and was killed for it. JT reluctantly agrees to do one last job with Austin, protecting another old friend, Buzz, but it brings back bitter memories of Roan and others he’s loved and lost. Proving they can’t outrun JT’s bad luck or rough history, the pair’s supposedly simple job goes horribly and hilariously awry, testing the bonds of friendship, the hearts of lovers—both JT and Austin have several, though the connection between the two of them is the most intense—and the honor among thieves. With sharp wit and an eye for detail, Allmon builds a fascinating, complex world where anything can happen. An epilogue hints at both romantic happiness and future adventures for JT and Austin, and readers will fervently hope for much more to come. Agent: Sara Megibow, KT Literary. (Sept.)