cover image The Burning Magus

The Burning Magus

Don Allmon. Riptide, $17.99 trade paper (219p) ISBN 978-1-62649-756-6

The explosive final book in Allmon’s Blue Unicorn erotic fantasy trilogy (after Apocalypse Alley) is a delightful mix of action, emotion, and surprisingly raw sexuality. JT is an orc who’s quite content to work on his cars, as he has done for the past two years while trying to put Austin, his former elf lover, out of his mind. Moving on isn’t easy—and it’s harder when Austin comes back to ask JT’s help for one last job. Rescuing a piece of the Blue Unicorn—an AI built by Austin’s dead sister, Roan—is difficult enough. Taking it from a literally flaming wizard while most known criminal organizations have bounties out on Austin just adds to the fun. Guilt over Roan’s death—and JT’s part in it—drives JT toward a redemption that may never be enough. Teeming with humor, raunch (with bonus tentacles), and a certain edgy thoughtfulness, resplendent with emotional highs and lows, this novel is an epically satisfying series conclusion. Agent: Sara Megibow, KT Literary. (Nov.)