cover image Nobody Likes a Goblin

Nobody Likes a Goblin

Ben Hatke. First Second, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-1-62672-081-7

Hatke’s hero is both homely and easy to love. Goblin is a stumpy figure with a toothy underbite and distinctive dietary preferences: “He gnawed on an old boot for breakfast, and he thought about the day ahead.” But it’s not an ordinary day; during a congenial visit with his best friend Skeleton, marauding adventurers sweep through Goblin’s subterranean dungeon and take everything, including Skeleton. Goblin resolves to pursue them. “Be careful,” warns his neighbor, a troll. “Nobody likes a goblin.” It’s true: humans and elves give chase (“a disgusting little goblin!”), but then Goblin finds some goblin allies who are impressed by the crown he’s wearing (Skeleton let him borrow it), and together they rout the villains. Hatke (Little Robot) renders the characters’ antic facial expressions, their fairy tale costumes, and the fantasy landscape with polished skill, and his story gallops along cheerfully with the clear prospect of a happy ending. Especially gratifying is Hatke’s casting of reviled characters as heroes; without moralizing, he makes it clear that sometimes it’s the most unassuming creatures who have the warmest hearts. Ages 4–8. Agent: Judith Hansen, Hansen Literary Agency. (June)