cover image Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women

Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women

W. Brad Johnson and David Smith. Bibliomotion, $27.95 (240) ISBN 978-1-62956-151-6

First-time authors Johnson and Smith, both professors at the U.S. Naval Academy, hit a home run with this no-nonsense, timely guide that will benefit any man who wants to more effectively mentor or manage women in the workforce. Boldly stating that “traditionally masculine ‘command and control’ structures of hierarchical management are yesterday’s news,” and starting with a tutorial on self-awareness, the authors help the reader understand factors that harm women’s careers and interfere with productive mentoring or management relationships. Seeking to illustrate “pervasive and pernicious attitudes” in the workplace, they tackle the stereotypes of women being too nice or not assertive enough, the “double jeopardy” of racial and gender bias, and the role of maternity. Then, drawing on academic research as well as real-life stories from senior-level women in organizations such as Coca-Cola, Sodexo, KPMG, NASA, and various branches of the military, the authors offer practical ways for mentors to lead, interact with, and champion women so they can succeed. Filled with useful advice and backed up by academic research, this handbook should be on every male business leader’s reading list. (Sept.)