cover image The Alchemy of Noise

The Alchemy of Noise

Lorraine Devon Wilke. She Writes, $16.95 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-63152-559-9

Wilke’s rewarding novel (after Hysterical Love) follows the relationship between a black sound engineer and the white manager of the club where he works. Chris Hawkins and Sidonie Frame enjoy the time they spend working together at the Church, a popular club in present-day Chicago. They soon begin dating, and eventually Sidonie asks Chris to move in with her. Sidonie experiences firsthand the treatment Chris receives at the hands of police, when, in a traffic stop, he is questioned about the sound equipment in his car and dealt with in a demeaning manner. When Chris is arrested for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest, and brutally beaten by police, Sidonie supports him as he decides whether to go to trial or take a plea deal. But the possibility that he may be implicated in another, more serious crime causes a fracture in their relationship that may be irreparable. Wilke’s story will satisfy readers with its emotional depth and strong characters, making for a memorable novel. (Apr.)