cover image Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction

Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction

Saul Griffith, Nick Dragotta, Ingrid Dragotta, et al. Image, $17.99 trade paper (360p) ISBN 978-1-63215-101-8

Siblings Tucker and Celine demonstrate how to create dozens of simple inventions and craft projects by using (and reusing) everyday household objects in this high-energy comics collection, which contains both new and previously published material. Organized into sections revolving around play, tools, math, science, engineering, and more, the projects typically span just a few pages, with suggestions that include creating marshmallow shooters from PVC pipe, refashioning a turkey baster into a flute, and transforming humble soda bottles in multiple ways—bird feeders, “jet packs” for a superhero costume, underwater goggles, etc. Nick Dragotta’s cartooning is every bit as imaginative as the projects offered, bringing a larger-than-life comic-book sensibility and sense of adventure to these wisecracking siblings’ investigations and tinkering. Packed with ideas and creative fodder for DIY-minded kids. All ages. (Aug.)