cover image Drifter, Volume 1: Out of the Night

Drifter, Volume 1: Out of the Night

Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein . Image, $9.99 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-63215-281-7

In this spaghetti western set on a far-future alien world at the edge of explored space, the pilot of a crashed spaceship is injured and at the mercy of strange, powerful aliens and human miners and colonists. Brandon (Wolverine) writes dialogue that is lyrical, clear, and a pleasure to read several times over, complemented by the work of veteran letterer Clem Robins. Artist and colorist Klein (Captain America) provides iconic imagery, landscapes, and character designs that blend steampunk, westerns, and sci-fi. Figuring out who's who becomes confusing at times: a few of the hulking, scowling white men are so similar that at one point it's hard to tell whether a major or an unnamed side character has been killed—but overall the visuals are exciting and bold. The volume feels unfinished, even with the understanding that this is part one of a serialized story, raising questions on top of questions and answering few. (July)