cover image Extraordinary October

Extraordinary October

Diana Wagman. Ig (Consortium, dist.), $12.95 trade paper (264p) ISBN 978-1-63246-037-0

Wagman’s engaging modern fairy tale opens in Los Angeles just before October Fetterhoff’s 18th birthday. October is an ordinary teenager until an uncontrollable itch forces her to flee history class. Shortly thereafter, her appearance changes, she grows faster and stronger, and she develops the ability to communicate with animals. October learns that she is a troll-fairy hybrid and that, as the daughter of an exiled troll princess and an exiled fairy prince, she’ll become queen of both Trolldom and the Fairy Canopy when she turns 18. A cruel and powerful woman wants to rule in October’s stead, though, so in addition to attending high school and mastering her newfound abilities, October must survive an attempted coup. In her first book for teens, Wagman (Life #6) uses fully fleshed characters and a rich mythology to argue against xenophobia and illustrate the notion that ordinary packages can hide extraordinary things. While the plot is wild and woolly, the story’s heart and charm are undeniable, and readers can’t help but root for its relatable, down-to-earth heroine. Ages 12–up. Agent: Terra Chalberg, Chalberg & Sussman. (Oct.)