cover image Superposition


David Walton. Pyr, $17 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-63388-012-2

In this diverting hybrid of science and mystery, Walton (Quintessence) magnifies the weirdness of quantum physics, in which electrons can diffract (bend) around barriers, to produce a world where bullets do the same. Physicist Jacob Kelley, product of the tough streets of South Philly, is entangled in the murder of a former colleague from the wonderfully mythical New Jersey Super-Collider facility. Kelley finds himself split into parallel tracks as he occupies two lives simultaneously: in one he is on trial for the murder, while in the other his colleague is alive and he remains free. Walton admirably minimizes the confusion of the multiple viewpoints, and he cleverly integrates the science as part of the plot. Mystery fans may notice the solution being telegraphed, and science fiction fans may be disappointed that certain matters are never resolved, but all should be pleased by the touching conclusion. (Apr.)