cover image Familiar Angel

Familiar Angel

Amy Lane. Dreamspinner, $14.99 trade paper (200p) ISBN 978-1-63533-945-1

Lane (Selfie) infuses a sizzling paranormal erotic romance with humor and suspense, then doubles down by finishing the work with a veneer of sweet innocence. Harry, Edward, and Francis were once teenagers desperately trying to escape the brothel that owned them. They chanced upon Leonard, a dying demon, and Emma, his sorceress love, who needed three people to act as familiars in order to pull off a spell that could save Leonard’s life. With the help of the angel Suriel, the three boys became three immortal shape-shifting cats. Emma sacrificed much of her power and gave the rest to the boys, who thrived under Emma and Leonard’s care. Some 140 years later, in present-day Mendocino, the odd family of immortals is still going strong. They’ve turned their efforts to rescuing others caught in sex trafficking, with Harry taking a leadership role—and taking too many chances with his life. His heart has forever been captured by Suriel, but when a chance comes for him to admit his feelings, his fear holds him back. Both striking and sensual, the thought-provoking novel pays equal attention to love, sacrifice, the divine, and family. Agent: Saritza Hernandez, Corvisiero Literary. (Oct.)