cover image Coyote Blues

Coyote Blues

Karen F. Williams. Bold Strokes, $16.95 trade paper (312p) ISBN 978-1-63555-558-5

Injustice and self-acceptance drive this excellent paranormal lesbian romance from Williams (As the Crow Flies). Twenty years after the eventful night when Riley Dawson lost her virginity to her first love, Fiona; turned into a werecoyote; and was swiftly sent away by her terrified adoptive parents, Riley has become a successful clinical social worker. When Fiona walks back into her life as a client struggling to free herself and her sensitive daughter from her abusive husband, Jim, Riley will do whatever it takes to help her. Williams draws powerful contrasts between Jim’s all-too human monstrosity and the nonmonstrous joy Riley finds in lycanthropy, and between the homophobic judgment of Fiona’s evangelical parents and the loving support of Riley’s pack, manages to tug at the heartstrings without being preachy. Riley and Fiona’s reconnection is simple and sweet, with their desire for justice against Jim energizing the plot. Grounded in kindness, queerness, and just a hint of magic, this is sure to satisfy. (June)