cover image Murder at an Irish Castle: An Irish Castle Mystery

Murder at an Irish Castle: An Irish Castle Mystery

Ellie Brannigan. Crooked Lane, $19.99 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-63910-258-7

Rodeo Drive bridal dress designer Rayne McGrath, the heroine of this delightful series launch from Brannigan (the Scottish Shire mysteries as Traci Hall), learns on her 30th birthday that her boyfriend and business partner, whom she was expecting to propose to her that day, has ditched her and emptied their joint bank account. Rayne’s sitcom actor mom insists she leave L.A. and her woes behind and fly to Ireland for the funeral of Rayne’s paternal uncle, Nevin, the lord of McGrath Castle in the village of Grathton. On arrival, Rayne is astounded to learn that Nevin’s will requires her to stay in Ireland as lady of the castle, much to the fury of Nevin’s illegitimate daughter, whom Rayne didn’t know existed. The will also requires her to bring the castle into the black and inject new life into Grathton. Rumors that Nevin’s death was not an accident put Rayne on the trail of a killer. An appealing protagonist and colorful supporting characters match the imaginative plot. Cozy fans will look forward to the next phase of Rayne’s Irish adventure. Agent: Evan Marshall, Evan Marshall Agency. (Feb.)