cover image A Scoundrel of Her Own

A Scoundrel of Her Own

Stacy Reid. Entangled Amara, $8.99 mass market (400p) ISBN 978-1-64063-768-9

Reid’s sensual third Sinful Wallflowers romance (after Her Wicked Marquess) explores love across class lines in Regency England. Twelve-year-old Niall Byrne risks his life to rescue eight-year-old Ophelia Darby from a river and cares for her in a nearby cottage until help arrives, sparking a friendship that ends as soon as it begins when Ophelia is returned to her aristocratic family, who openly mock Niall, the son of a poor carpenter. Shamed but smitten by Ophelia, Niall vows to make himself worthy of her and leaves home for London, where he endures poverty and imprisonment before achieving immense wealth through the smart investment of boxing winnings. Fifteen years later, Niall has reinvented himself as Devlin Byrne and given up on his childhood crush—until they’re thrown back together when Lady Ophelia enters the seedier part of London looking for Sally Martin, the biological mother she never met. As Devlin assists her search, the pair become reacquainted, and their sweet friendship blossoms into a scintillating romance. Reid injects their reunion with plenty of allure while keeping the plot zipping along. Historical romance fans will be drawn to the relationship between two characters willing to break societal convention for a chance at love. Agent: Jill Marsal, Marsal Lyon Literary. (Jan.)