cover image After All I’ve Done

After All I’ve Done

Mina Hardy. Crooked Lane, $26.99 (310p) ISBN 978-1-64385-470-0

A traumatic car accident has left 45-year-old Diana Sparrow, the unreliable narrator of much of this twisty psychological thriller from the pseudonymous Hardy (Little Secrets, as Megan Hart), unable to remember much of the last half year of her life, but she knows something’s amiss. In particular, she’s aware her husband, Jonathan, is lying to her and is having an affair. Chapters narrated by her estranged friend, Valerie , reveal that Jonathan’s affair is with Valerie. A third narrator, the handsome and mysterious Cole , who thinks Diana is beautiful, arranges to run into her at a coffee shop and strikes up an acquaintance. Cole knows more about Diana than he lets on. The tension rises as it becomes clear that Jonathan and his mother are scheming to gaslight Diana, to whom more and more odd things occur, such as discovering her car intact after Jonathan told her it was totaled in the accident. Will Diana be able to stay sane? Readers will eagerly turn the pages to find out. Hardy does an expert job keeping the emotional heat high. Agent: Jessica Faust, Bookends Literary. (Nov.)