cover image Suckerpunch


Elyse Springer. Dreamspinner, $16.99 trade paper (254p) ISBN 978-1-64405-431-4

This slow-simmering paranormal hockey romance finds sparks flying both on and off the ice. For goalie Alex Fanning, playing for the Seattle Cascades is a dream come true. To maintain his macho image and dodge “anti-Para nutjobs,” he can’t let anyone know he’s both gay and a half-vampire. Right from the start, he clashes with sexy, stubborn Sasha Petrov, who sees Alex as an unwelcome upstart who’s replaced his injured best friend on the team. Even as Alex and Sasha butt heads, they develop an undeniable, irresistible chemistry, which they must address both for their own sakes and for the good of the team. But when Sasha discovers Alex’s true nature, it threatens to destroy the fragile relationship they’ve created. Launching the Hockey Gods and Monsters series, Springer (Changing Colors) crafts a satisfying romance that blends fast-paced athletic action, supernatural seduction, and emotional drama. Though the paranormal elements of the setting could be further developed and explored, the basic premise is solid and the result is a lot of fun. (Oct.)