cover image Another Day, Another Partner

Another Day, Another Partner

Rachel Mucha. City Owl, $14.99 trade paper (278p) ISBN 978-1-64898-128-9

Sparks fly between a sassy small-town police officer and her new, big-city partner in Mucha’s charming debut, which combines high-stakes suspense with rom-com fun. Police officer Lulu Martinelli’s father, the chief of police for tiny Portsmouth, R.I., tends to treat Lulu like his daughter at work, rather than a cop. Despite her belief that she works best alone, he insists on assigning her a new partner after her former partner and ex-boyfriend moves away. Flirty badass Dominic Delgado, former Boston PD, is searching for a lower-stress gig after his partner was killed trying to nab drug kingpin Connor Finnegan. But Finnegan’s men have placed a target on Dominic’s back, and Lulu soon learns that Finnegan has expanded his operation into Portsmouth. Despite initially clashing, Lulu and Dominic work together to bring down Finnegan’s empire—before his henchmen catch up to Dominic. Mucha keeps the suspense high with plenty of twists and turns, and though the drug-dealing plot is heavy, she adds levity in the names of pun-loving Finnegan’s drug delivery boats: The Codfather, Fin and Tonic, and Marlin Monroe. This is sure to win Mucha some fans. Agent: Susan Nystoriak, Golden Wheat Literary. (Jan.)