cover image Bad Girls Drink Blood

Bad Girls Drink Blood

S.L. Choi. City Owl, $15.99 trade paper (344p) ISBN 978-1-64898-147-0

Choi loads her debut and Blood Fae Druid urban fantasy series launch with snark, action, and characters who will steal readers’ hearts. Lane Callaghan is a hybrid blood fae, which makes her an outcast in the fae world. She’s spent her life fighting both other people and her own insecurities. Now she and her sisters, Mae and Y’sindra, operate a struggling private investigation firm on the edge of Las Vegas and the mystical Interlands. After a case goes awry, a job for the queen of all Fae drags Lane back to the site of a childhood trauma that left her with emotional and physical scars. Thankfully, her sisters and “resident eyecandy” Teddy have her back. As the gang tracks down stolen sun stones (items sacred to the sun fae), Lane slowly learns to accept who she is and how others perceive her. Choi delivers plenty of fast-paced action, but it’s the individual characters who steal the show. This promising series premier will leave readers wanting more. (July)