cover image Everyone Hates Kelsie Miller

Everyone Hates Kelsie Miller

Meredith Ireland. Simon & Schuster, $19.99 (288p) ISBN 978-1-6659-0697-5

Two teens join forces to figure out why they’ve been ghosted in this humorous novel by Ireland (The Jasmine Project). Korean Kelsie Miller and Dominican and Irish Eric Mulvaney Ortiz, rivals since kindergarten, are currently in competition for valedictorian at their predominantly white upstate N.Y. prep school. Kelsie’s best friend of 12 years, Brianna Hoffman, recently moved to Seattle and hasn’t communicated with Kelsie since. Similarly, Eric’s girlfriend, Instagram model Jessica Lovelace, has been incommunicado following his return from football camp. When Kelsie and Eric realize that Brianna and Jessica are both going to be on campus at the University of Pennsylvania, the two put aside their rivalry and travel to confront them. While on the road, the duo grow closer, sharing their past wounds and current insecurities, and bonding over the all-consuming pressure of growing up. When they arrive at their destination, they must contend with their own perceptions of themselves to fix their broken relationships, especially if they have any hope of moving forward. In this breezy road trip romp, Ireland employs quick-moving plot beats, articulate verbal sparring, a will-they-won’t-they romance, and plenty of fun-in-the-sun shenanigans. Ages 12–up. (Oct.)