cover image Severed Wings

Severed Wings

Steven-Elliot Altman. WordFire, $24.99 hardcover (180p) ISBN 978-1-68057-036-6

Altman (Deprivers) combines the divine and the profane in this erotically charged urban fantasy. Brandon Jones is a rising Hollywood star until a car crash paralyzes him from the waist down. He severs ties with everyone who knew him before the accident, resigning himself to a hermetic life in his Los Angeles apartment and burning through his days with alcohol and TV. Then an attractive couple moves in next door and he witnesses a strange assortment of injured people visiting them. When he sees a blind woman come to their apartment, hears the sound of sex through the walls, and then watches her leave with her sight restored, Brandon’s obsession with the couple grows and he becomes determined to learn their identities and the nature of their healing miracles. But learning the truth puts him in the sights of a wrathful enemy. Altman’s plot offers few surprises, but the themes of determination and hope are powerful enough to carry readers through. This dark, alluring story will appeal to urban fantasy fans. (June)