I’ve Got Eyes! Exceptional Eyes of the Animal World

Julie Murphy, illus. by Hannah Tolson. Amicus Ink, $17.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-68152-404-7
Thirteen animals of all kinds expressively describe their distinctive eyes and vision. “I’ve got oblong eyes. My wide eyes make sure no one creeps up on me!” a goat says. A chameleon has “solo eyes. My eyes can work alone, with each one looking in a different direction.” A stalk-eyed fly describes its “handlebar eyes,” and the crocodile fish has “hiding eyes” concealed by lacy flaps of skin. On right-hand pages, zoologist Murphy provides descriptions of the animals’ eye anatomy and the way the world looks to the disparate species: “Each of the camel’s eyes has two rows of eyelashes and three eyelids to keep out dust and sand. It’s like having built-in goggles!” Tolson’s art resembles cut-paper collage with crayonlike accents. Murphy concludes by inviting readers to think about their own vision: “You’ve got eyes too! What can your eyes do?” The blend of science and playful depictions brings the intriguing topic to life. Ages 5–8. (Sept.)
Reviewed on: 10/29/2018
Release date: 08/01/2018
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