cover image The Immunity Solution: Seven Weeks to Living Healthier and Longer

The Immunity Solution: Seven Weeks to Living Healthier and Longer

Leo Nissola. Countryman, $28.95 (256p) ISBN 978-1-68268-763-5

Immunologist Nissola debuts with an uneven program for boosting immune health, the centerpiece of which is his seven-week “Immunity Solution Protocol” that aims to help readers develop a healthier diet, sleep schedule, exercise regimen, and state of mind. Providing a thorough yet accessible explanation of the immune system, he describes how bone marrow generates the building blocks of a variety of immune cells, including macrophages that “patrol” skin looking for microbes and basophils that sound the alarm for other immune cells to attack foreign bodies. He discusses the role of bacteria in the gut, noting that Bacteroidetes (found in fruits and vegetables) reduce inflammation and Firmicutes “impair metabolism of glucose and fat.” Readers will appreciate the seven-week program’s wide-ranging perspective on how exercise and diet affect immune health, though the individual suggestions range from predictable to confounding: Sensible calls to get some sunlight and regular physical activity appear alongside far-fetched dietary recommendations to largely avoid fruits and vegetables because of the likelihood they contain pesticides (“The risk far outweighs the benefits”), with little explanation of how to overcome the nutritional consequences. Burdened by the drastic dietary advice, this is a mixed bag. (Jan.)