cover image Shadow City

Shadow City

Anna Mocikat. Black Rose Writing, $19.95 (256p) ISBN 978-1-68433-351-6

Mocikat (MUC) sets many plots in motion, but resolves none of them in this nervy, postapocalyptic series opener. The Glitch, an unexplainable disaster, has wreaked havoc on civilization. In the ruins of L.A., now surrounded by a wilderness full of ravenous mutants, a few remaining humans survive under the protection of vampires in exchange for regular blood donations. But when the Dark Ones, demons from another dimension, arrive on Earth through a portal opened by the Glitch, they aim to feast on the humans, aided by renegade vampire Eurydice. Fortunately, the humans have the cyborg Bombshell; the vampire and former LAPD detective, Eric; and a powerful, nameless stranger on their side. As the fight between humans and demons ramps up, a mystical entity inhabiting the dead body of human warrior Vincent weighs his moral duty to intervene on behalf of humanity against his erotic obsession with the evil Eurydice. The story ends on a cliff-hanger, breaking off in the midst of hot sex and entrail-squirting action. This exciting mashup of horror and action-adventure tropes is sure to have readers tuning in for the next installment. Agent: Randi Davis, Davis Literary. (Nov.)