cover image Thunder Storme: A Wyatt Storme Thriller

Thunder Storme: A Wyatt Storme Thriller

W.L. Ripley. Brash, $18.99 trade paper (312p) ISBN 978-1-734348-08-8

As the start of Ripley’s lightweight but fun fifth Wyatt Storme thriller (after 2015’s Storme Warning), former NFL pro Wyatt and his ex-CIA assassin buddy, Chick Easton, are fishing on Missouri’s Truman Lake when they witness two men in a speedboat chasing a woman piloting another boat. After the woman eludes her pursuers, the men in the other boat turn toward Wyatt and Clint with guns firing. Fortunately, the shooters misjudge a turn, flip over, and wind up dead in the lake. On shore, Wyatt and Clint meet the woman, Katie Gallagher, who says she didn’t know the men who were after her, but she did know what they wanted—the money she stole from them. Wyatt and Clint soon embark on a crusade against the forces corrupting the Truman Lake area, where the prospect of a glitzy new casino being built has fired the greed of various predators. They also have to keep track of a flaky part-time hermit who was somehow involved with Katie in two bank robberies. Much bloodshed ensues. Ripley ably juggles humor and violence. Those looking for a testosterone-saturated romp will be satisfied. (Nov.)