cover image Grace and Frankie: A Guide to Best-Friendship and Not Giving a Damn

Grace and Frankie: A Guide to Best-Friendship and Not Giving a Damn

Emilie Sandoz-Voyer. Flashpoint, $17.95 (144p) ISBN 978-1-73632-438-7

Sandoz-Voyer (The Very Hungry Pregnant Lady) repurposes in this rowdy guide the Netflix series Grace and Frankie to salute best friends everywhere who “choose each other rather than the yam farmers and billionaires.” Inspired by the real-life friendship of the show’s stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Sandoz-Voyer encourages besties to celebrate what they’ve got “in a world where everything we do feels like one big setup to get into or stay in romantic relationships.” Quizzes help readers decipher whether they’re a Grace (“popped collar, perfect makeup”) or a Frankie (“relaxed as an extra-large Grateful Dead T-shirt”), while tips on how to support one’s “bosom buddy”—such as dealing with their “annoying significant other” by meditating “silently with your eyes open”—commingle with laugh-out-loud quotes from the show (Frankie: “Would you like me to blow my courage into your mouth?” Grace: “Thank you, no”). Studded throughout are crass nuggets of wisdom (want to “freak out your grown children”? Simple, “talk about your dry vagina”) and surprisingly delicious recipes—including an outrageously decadent quesadilla-stuffed quesadilla and Grace’s Vodka Watermelon, “basically celery in a Lilly Pulitzer dress.” Packed with humor and insight, this will be catnip for series fans and BFFs. (Nov.)