cover image I Will Carry You

I Will Carry You

Colleen Farwell, illus. by Eleanor Grosch. Colleen Farwell, $21.95 (34p) ISBN 978-1-73787-980-0

Debut creator Farwell, who was raised in the Crow Nation, and Grosch (Everyday Tarot, for adults) present a warm interpretation of an everlasting parent-child bond in this tender picture book. While venturing out to play, a child portrayed with brown skin requests that their mother carry them during their outing. The parent agrees and, en route to their destination, recounts the story of “how I will carry you,/ on this and every day,” beginning before the youth’s birth, when their mother “carried you,/ deep inside.” The adult then looks to the future, as stages of the child’s life progress toward school age (“I’ll walk you to the bus”) and beyond. As the youth ages, the text depicts the mother’s steadfast support, especially during times “when you’re even older,/ and think that I don’t understand.” Textured artwork reminiscent of cut-paper collage emphasizes the natural world in tropical greens and vivid reds and yellows. Spare, incantatory text highlights quiet moments in the duo’s developing relationship, lending gentle resonance to the protagonists’ bond, which endures “even when you’re far away.” Ages 4–8. (Self-published)