cover image Legends, Icons, & Rebels: Music That Changed the World

Legends, Icons, & Rebels: Music That Changed the World

Robbie Robertson, Jim Guerinot, Sebastian Robertson, Jared Levine. Tundra, $29 (128p) ISBN 978-1-77049-571-5

Written by the Band’s Robbie Robertson, his son, and two music industry executives, this weighty tribute provides two-page biographies of 27 artists from Chuck Berry to Bob Dylan, placing each one in the context of music history. The crucial contributions of African-American musicians, both to the development of rock and roll and to the Civil Rights movement, are celebrated. “At one concert, [Sam Cooke] was told he would have to perform twice: once for a white audience and another show for an all African-American audience. Sam refused.” Unexpected connections in the family tree of music are traced, too. Jimi Hendrix started out touring with Little Richard; Merle Haggard was a convict in the audience when Johnny Cash performed in San Quentin. The first of each musician’s two spreads features a striking, album art–style painting that evokes each star’s style and genre of music (15 illustrators contribute), while the second contains the biography. Two CDs include a single hit from each musician, an impressive collection. An ideal gift for children whose parents have just discovered that they don’t know who Otis Redding is. Ages 9–12. (Oct.)