cover image Those That Cause Fear

Those That Cause Fear

Neil Christopher, illus. by Germaine Arnaktauyok. Inhabit Media (IPG, dist.), $16.95 (40p) ISBN 978-1-7722-7085-3

Christopher and Inuit artist Arnaktauyok, who previously collaborated on Way Back Then (2015), return to the subject of myth and legend as they introduce 20 monsters and other creatures from Inuit lore, including the reptilian palraijuq, giants friendly and fierce, and Nujliajuk, "mother of the sea animals." Left-hand pages feature Arnaktauyok's handsome, crisply outlined images of the creatures; on the facing pages, Christopher's cautionary notes treats readers as would-be explorers of the North who need to be wary: "If you are alone on the land in the winter, you need to watch out for a creature called Mahahaa," a giggling menace that Arnaktauyok pictures with wild hair like Shockheaded Peter and long, snaking fingernails. The sometimes-frightening creatures should easily hit the spot for kids who like scary stories, and Christopher invites them to learn more about Inuit culture and the creation of these vibrant legends: "You will not find a travel guide or a map that will warn you of the hidden things contained in this book. For that information, you need to study Inuit oral history and talk to the people who have lived in the Arctic for generations." Ages 7%E2%80%939. (June)