cover image David Mogo, Godhunter

David Mogo, Godhunter

Suyi Davies Okungbowa. Abaddon, $9.99 trade paper (360p) ISBN 978-1-78108-649-0

In this riveting debut, Okungbowa reminds readers that home and family are not always about blood. Orisha, or gods, have fallen to Earth and now threaten Lagos, Nigeria. David Mogo takes on the task of fighting them in order to save his beloved home, even if that means confronting the demigod identity that he has pushed aside in an attempt to be more human. Along the way, he heals from his abandonment by finding allies, and eventually family, among both humans and orisha. As a narrator, David is funny and has plenty of attitude; even when he’s wrong, readers can relate to him. Okungbowa’s concept of the gods is fascinating and plays around with traditional mythology, though a few of the orisha have little personality and serve primarily as war machines for David to take on. David’s strength is depicted inconsistently; sometimes he can handily battle a god and sometimes he barely survives. Otherwise, this story is captivating, and readers who enjoy non-Western fantasy, mythpunk, and tales of found family will find it delightful. (July)