cover image The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire

The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire

Introduction by Julian Assange. Verso, $29.95 (624p) ISBN 978-1-78168-874-8

This compilation of contributions from WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Assange, WikiLeaks section editor Sarah Harrison, and a team of journalists, professors, and writers is full of eye-opening scholarly analysis of the diplomatic cables made public by the WikiLeaks group, focusing on the 2010%E2%80%932011 "Cablegate" disclosures. It takes on a huge amount of data and delivers a thorough introduction to the narratives of U.S. policy that the cables reveal. The first part is divided into sections by political topic, such as relations with dictators and economic strategy. These overarching analyses provide the background for the focused work in the second part, which highlights specific countries and regions; it includes chapters on Wikipedia's PlusD (Public Library of U.S. Diplomacy) database of leaked State Department cables and on U.S. policy regarding the International Criminal Court. The analysis is provided with appropriate context and sources cited and quoted. Organizing the book by theme and region makes the information in the cables accessible to a wide audience of readers who may not otherwise have the time or background knowledge to search through the data themselves. Some knowledge of political terminology is needed to understand the research, which will appeal mainly to readers already interested in politics and U.S. foreign policy. The insights from researchers provide an excellent resource and solid foundation for further research by scholars or lay readers. (Aug.)