cover image Macramé Jewellery: 20 Stylish Modern Projects Using Simple Knots

Macramé Jewellery: 20 Stylish Modern Projects Using Simple Knots

Isabella Strambio. Search, $16.95 trade paper (80p) ISBN 978-1-78221-966-8

Macramé artist Strambio (Macramé for the Modern Home) shows how to create knotted jewelry in this chic guide. To help beginners get started, she provides instructions for creating basic knots and knotting patterns and offers guidance on choosing types of string, noting that braided string doesn’t unravel while suede string’s softness makes it ideal for bracelets and necklaces. The 20 projects include such boho-style accessories as a diamond-patterned headband, earrings with unraveled string made to look like feathers, and a necklace made of black tassels tied to a wooden ring. Strambio also shows how to make a white and teal belt, a white camera strap, and a white and terracotta–colored keyring with knots that resemble daisies. Sharing tips of the craft, the author recommends wrapping the end of a string with masking tape to avoid fraying when adding beads (as in her gold-bead bracelet) and using a pet brush to straighten unraveled fringes. Macramé novices will appreciate the simple yet elegant designs, and though the projects are light on visual instruction, the author’s directions are easy to follow. Those eager to try macramé would do well to start here. (Jan.)