cover image Colour Crochet Unlocked: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Colour Crochet Unlocked: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Jane Howorth and Dawn Curran. Search, $24.95 trade paper (160p) ISBN 978-1-78221-977-4

British designers Howorth and Curran debut with an arresting take on how to incorporate colorwork into crochet. The authors showcase 40 stitch patterns that provide a great starting place for beginners, with highlights including a net-like pattern punctuated by flowers and a wavy blue, green, and pink design. Upping the complexity, Howorth and Curran outline four crochet techniques that are more intricate with their colorwork: Fair Isle, intarsia, mosaic, and tapestry. The bulkiness of Fair Isle, they write, makes it well suited for cold weather while intarsia is ideal for creating images or words. Ten projects show the stitch patterns and techniques at work, as in the standout “trinity basket,” which uses the tapestry technique to create triangular patterns, and the Fair Isle “Zahra hat” and mittens, which feature a design inspired by “flowers blooming in a well-planted garden.” Howorth and Curran offer useful tips on how to pick colors and work with multiple strands of yarn (“alternate the turn direction” at the end of a row), but novices might find some of the techniques difficult to follow, especially the chart for mosaic, which operates differently than the standard charts. Intermediate to advanced crocheters will enjoy the vibrant patterns. (Feb.)