cover image The World Raven

The World Raven

A.J. Smith. Head of Zeus, $29.95 (496p) ISBN 978-1-78408-090-7

The agents of Shub-Nillurath continue to pave the way for the Dead God’s return in Smith’s final novel in the Long War epic fantasy saga (The Red Prince). All across the land, the Seven Sisters—of which only two are left: Saara, the Mistress of Pain, and Isabel, the Seductress—have enthralled or ensorcelled the populace in the name of returning Shub-Nillurath to dominance over the other gods. The few who oppose the Sisters—exemplars of the old Gods, enraged warriors, and those who follow the Red Prince, Alexander Tiris—gather to fight back against what appear to be overwhelming odds. They are not alone, however. They are guided by Brytag (also known as the World Raven), shades of the dead, and what’s left of the declining power of their gods. Humans join forces with all manner of magical and non-magical allies to save their world from the tyranny of the Twisted Tree’s dominion and the Lovecraftian horrors directed by Saara. Told from a wide variety of perspectives, the greater story arc plays out among more personal stories of loss, friendship, and vengeance. Graphic, sweeping battles are interspersed with smaller-scale interpersonal interactions as readers are drawn to an inevitable, though perhaps not final, conclusion. Agent: Diane Banks Associates. (Apr.)