cover image Millennium: The Girl Who Danced with Death

Millennium: The Girl Who Danced with Death

Sylvain Runberg and Bélen Ortega, trans. from the French by Rachel Zerner. Hard Case Crime, $22.99 trade paper (176p) ISBN 978-1-78586-693-7

Runberg (Warship Jolly Roger), author of the graphic novelizations of Steig Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, returns with a new artist, Ortega, for this explosive addition to the series. At a music festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lisbeth Salander and her hacker friend, Trinity, are attacked by masked men who identify themselves as “Security Forces.” Trinity is captured but Lisbeth escapes. Lisbeth’s reporter ally, Mikael Blomkvist, is working on a story for Millennium about rising far-right politician Sten Windoff and his Swedish Republican Party. Further kidnappings, a misogynistic author speaking out against “feminazis,” and other disturbing events link back to a group called Sparta, which seeks freedom from taxes, laws, and “political correctness.” Lisbeth’s computer skills, unexpected allies, and serious hand-to-hand fighting and gun violence are all essential to saving the day. Ortega’s detailed artwork stops short of photo-realism, but clearly captures the nuances of facial features and expressions. This one is not to be missed by Larsson’s fans, or by devotees of action comics in general. (Feb.)