cover image 15 Minute V gan Comfort Food

15 Minute V gan Comfort Food

Katy Beskow. Quadrille, $22.99 (160p) ISBN 978-1-78713-106-4

Following up her 15 Minute Vegan, Beskow shares quick and accessible vegan comfort food recipes geared toward “enjoying the cooking and eating experience.” From a risotto caprese cooked in a pressure cooker and topped with marbled balsamic croutons, to cookie dough for one, Beskow considers the diverse and assorted meanings of comfort. In addition to classic dishes such as an herby pea soup and moussaka bowls, she presents collections of recipes for an array of complete meals. Readers can create rustic bistro dishes in their kitchens with chestnut mushroom bourguignonne, parsley and butter bean mash, and garlic baguettes. She include menus for themed meals such as a Persian sharer with an artichoke and pine nut orzo; a Thai feast with ginger, sesame, and lime glass noodles; and a South Asian supper with garden biryani. For sweets, Beskow offers speedy variations of cherry pot pies, coffee-and-cream French toast, and white chocolate fondue. Beskow encouraging mindfulness while cooking, plating, and eating and reminds readers to slow down and enjoy the process of being in the kitchen, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. These easy, creative recipes offer familiarity and adventure to anyone looking to serve and find comfort in their plant-based food. (Sept.)