cover image Junction


Daniel M. Bensen. Flame Tree, $24.95 (240p) ISBN 978-1-78758-096-1

Bensen’s series launch is an adventurous dive into space exploration and discovery. The planet Junction is an intergalactic zoo boasting a menagerie of alien creatures and ecosystems, most of which are dangerous to humans. This alien world has become a stage for cutthroat human politics. When a plane crashes in the wilderness, it is up to Daisuke Matsumori (a nature show host à la Steve Irwin) and plucky biologist Anne Houlihan to lead their group through the unknown, with political and interpersonal tensions amplifying the danger. Bensen has created some larger-than-life characters, but the true star of the tale is Junction itself. The author’s creativity gambols across the planet along with his characters, and the journey is as much about the weird creatures as it is about the human drama. Readers will enjoy taking a trip to Junction and experiencing some of its bizarre wonders. Agent: Jennie Goloboy, Donald Maass Literary. (Jan.)