cover image ABC of Gender Identity

ABC of Gender Identity

Devika Dalal. Jessica Kingsley, $18.95 (64p) ISBN 978-1-78775-808-7

Author-illustrator Dalal presents a simple introduction to 26 gender identities, with a word or phrase that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. On every verso page, a letter, capitalized and lowercase, is shown against a bright monochrome background, with a proximate person pictured. The recto page offers a dictionary-like explanation. D, for example, features a nondescript human with round eyes, pale skin, and blond hair, and defines demigender: “Someone who feels only partly one gender (demigirl, demiboy).” Illustrations use simplistic circles and lines to show figures with a range of skin tones and hair styles. Some biological or sexual definitions are included alongside the gender identities (e.g., “Intersex,” “(Gender) Reassigned,” and “Female to Male”), and the introduction alludes to gender being chosen; still, the wide range of terms will prove informational in this primer to identities. Back matter includes a guide for adult readers. Ages 5–7. [em](June) [/em]